Kevin Casey White

Comedian. Podcaster. Nervous Wreck.

“Fair, unbiased wit.”
- Will Arnett, The Comedy Show Show

“A charismatic guy with heaps of energy and an irresistable set of pearly whites… Like a physical expression of an exclamation point.”
- Jason Heidemann, Chicago Tribune

“[One of] the hardest working comics in Chicago.”
- Tim Barnes,

“So goddamn funny.”
- Will Bolt, Dead Things Podcast

Described by the Chicago Tribune as "a physical expression of an exclamation point", Kevin Casey White is a cheerful cynic with a dynamic stage presence.

In 2011 Kevin moved to Chicago from his hometown of
St. Louis. Before leaving though, he founded Bare Knuckle Comedy - the city’s longest-running independent comedy showcase, and had jokes commissioned by Microsoft for their new Windows Phone campaign.

Upon arriving in the Windy City, Kevin quickly earned notoriety from The Reader by helping earn “Best Sketch Troupe” for his writing on the late night talk show
Talk Hard and was a must-have for the Chicago-centric stand up show Four Star Stand Ups on jbtv. Since then he has appeared on the Nerdist podcasts Terrified w/ Dave Ross, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction and the Feral Audio favorite Put Your Hands Together w/ Cameron Esposito.

Kevin has also appeared in several comedic shorts including the favorite Definitions: Pillow Fight, and
Lover’s Lookout which in 2013 won “Best Short Film” at Quirkfest in L.A.

Kevin currently produces the hit podcast
Arguments & Grievances which has received rave reviews from Chicago Magazine, The Reader, Chicago Tribune, The Laugh Button, and Chicagoist, plus has been featured in several festivals such as Limestone and The Comedy Exposition, in addition to being a regular mainstay at The Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. Kevin currently lives in New York City where he needs help paying the rent.